Evernote for Windows 10

Evernote for Windows 10

Note-taking maestro Evernote comes to Windows 8


  • Looks good
  • Full syncing
  • Add notes


  • Very limited preview version

Not bad

Here at Softonic, we've extolled the virtues of Evernote before. If you're a fan, you'll be very glad to know the note app has now made an appearance on Windows 8.

Just one thing to bear in mind - Evernote Metro App is a preview only, so don't expect the functionality you've come to expect on other Windows OSs or iPhone or Android. While your existing Evernote notes will sync fully with this version, note-tagging, editing, formatting and managing notes are all absent.

So what can you do with this version of Evernote? Well, you can view all your notes and add new ones, and sync to make sure that everything is up to date, but that's unfortunately it. It looks nice, but lacks mouse scrolling, so when viewing - on a PC, at least - it doesn't feel as fluid as it could. Given its extremely early state of development, though, we can definitely expect this to change.

Evernote for Windows 8 - right now, it's a definite case of look, but don't touch.

Fixes for sync errors Numerous bug fixes


  • Fixes for sync errors Numerous bug fixes
Evernote for Windows 10


Evernote for Windows 10

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